Random Act of Kindness: Chocolate

It isn’t Administrative Assistant’s Day, or Christmas.

Who cares?

There is no way you are an associate at a BigLaw firm and you have not benefitted from someone there cutting you some slack. And I don’t mean partners: I mean other associates, administrative assistants, legal assistants, trainers, paralegals, HR folks, library folks, and so on.

Look inside yourself and ask: Do I have the slightest doubt that what I did was the right choice?

Count to 10.


Now answer the question again, and this time be brutally honest. Write down the answer if you have to.

If the answer is yes, that even the slightest doubt exists, then do this: make someone else’s day by sending them chocolate. Anonymously if you want.

I’ve even picked one out for you. Only $25, and it is undeniably memorable.

Here is the place to go: Mini Exotic Candy Bar Library.

(I am not affiliated in any way with Vosges Chocolates. All I know is that they are magical. And that is all I need to know.)

Making someone else’s day in a completely unexpected way is within your power. And doing something like that feels undeniably good. It won’t answer your questions, or resolve any existential dilemmas. It just feels really good for everyone involved.

And let’s be brutally frank: if doing that is within your power, why would you not?


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